Bright Buttons campaign 2014

- 23 / 10 / 2014 -

Here at BBB we take our craft very seriously, so when I attended a talk between Annie Warburton and Kirstie Allsop at Hampton Court last month, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to do something. Annie spoke about how important it is for our children to learn craft skills at school, and how these subjects are being steadily dropped from the National Curriculum.

You can read more about why these skills are vital for our children’s education on the Craft Council’s website here.


Annie made the point that even dentists and surgeons need to be able to thread and sew a needle but that often these skills are over looked and not deemed as important as academic studies. I for one hope my dentist and surgeon have exceptional sewing skills so lets encourage all our children, whatever they wish to be when they grow up, to get crafting.


We put this into action last week by teaching a group of 15 children how to sew buttons onto T shirts they were customising. We had so much fun that we decided to set up the Bright Buttons campaign so if you are interested in finding out more, you can download our Bright Buttons information flyer here.


During that talk with Annie Warburton, Kirstie made the point that a huge percentage of clothes in this country get recycled because they are missing a single button. We would love to imagine that every button sewn in our campaign will not only represent a valuable skill learnt, it will also represent a life time of clothes not thrown away.


If you are a parent or teacher of primary school aged children or you just want to pass on some crafting skills, please download our Bright Buttons information flyer here to see how you can get involved.

Your dentist’s steady hand relies on you!

——— BBB Bright Buttons campaign 2014 ———

Sources: Studying Craft-Trends in craft education and training.

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