Bird & Heart Pocket Garland tutorial.

- 09 / 12 / 2012 -

We love a bit of patchwork here at the BBB studio so we have conjured up this colourful tutorial for you to brighten up Monday morning. We know it’s nearly Christmas but our stash bag is still bursting at the seams with luscious primary prints so we couldn’t help but make a grab for them when designing this project. If you are a believer that things should be useful then this is an ideal project as the pockets are perfect for storing favorite things. This tutorial could easily be made using festive red and white fabrics but for an all year round decoration you can’t beat bright pastels!

bunting garland

How to make it: You’ll need the following materials and equipment:
Scrap fabric and Assorted ribbons
Sewing machine, iron, thread, pen and paper, scissors, templates, pins.

Templates can be downloaded here.

Ready to start?

Step 1. Gather up all your lovely scrap fabrics and ribbons and pick at least 6 that compliment each other. We’ve opted for small prints in primary colours.

Step 2. Print your templates and cut them out. You should have three hearts, two birds and two bird breast templates.

Step 3.
You’ll need:
2 x large birds (Template B)
2 x small birds (Template D)
1 x large heart (Template A)
3 x medium heart (Template C)
4 x small hearts (Template E)
2 x large bird breasts (Template F)
2 x small bird breasts (Template G)
Fold your fabrics right sides together and press with an iron. Placing each template onto it’s individual piece of fabric, draw around it using tailors chalk or washable pen. Remember to mark a 3 cm gap somewhere along the line to leave unsewn. You will need this to be able to turn the piece inside out after sewing.

Step 4. Thread your sewing machine and sew each piece being careful to keep to the drawn line. Remember to leave the 3cm gap you marked unsewn for turning the piece inside out.

Step 5. When all the shapes are sewn, they are ready to be cut out. Cut out each shape leaving a ½ cm edge around the outside of the sewn line. Turn the shapes inside out using a crochet hook or similar. Press them with a hot iron being careful to tuck in the gap you left for turning.

Step 6. You now need to sew round the edge of each shape to give them a lovely professional finish. Arrange your shapes in a row matching up the bird breast pieces with the right size bird etc. (See illustration in Step 3.). Pin the pockets in place and remember to only sew the bottom half of the shape to create each pocket.

Step 7. Once all the pockets are sewn, lay out your garland pieces in the order shown in Step 3. Working left to right, make a neat pile with the pieces making sure your birds are facing the correct way and pockets are facing up. The far left piece should be at the top of the pile.

Step 8. Taking a 150cm long ribbon, sew it in half aprox. 10cm  to create a tie. Pace your first piece (small heart) into the folded ribbon and sew. Leaving a 2cm gap, place your next piece (small bird) into the folded ribbon and sew. Be careful to catch the top of the birds head and then the top of the wing. Continue along until all your pieces are sewn in. Finish with a 10cm tie at the end.

Step 9. Cut 2 x 20cm pieces of ribbon, fold in half and hand sew onto the big birds beaks.

Congratulations, you are done! Tie to the bed posts and fill with tiny teddy bears and miniature story books. Tooth fairies love them too!

© Big Beautiful Bunting 2012

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please bookmark us and check back often as we’ll be adding more gorgeous projects.

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- 4 Responses to “Bird & Heart Pocket Garland tutorial.” -

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow this looks gergeous, going to make this for my niece. lovel templates too.

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this so much, thanks for sharing.

  3. Juliana says:

    Thank you that I can download the templates of heart and birds. Going to hang them in my craft room.

    • bigbeautifulbunting says:

      No problem at all, glad you love them. Post a picture on our facebook page, I’d love to see your craft room.

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