All the fun of The Handmade Fair!

- 23 / 09 / 2014 -

BBB was invited to Hampton Court palace last Thursday to decorate Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair with 2000m of our most beautiful bunting!

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The fair was a huge success bringing together the most eclectic group of designer makers in the universe from Mr. X Stitch through to Cath Kidston. The line up was truly thrilling and I was lucky enough to be able to get to chat to a few of them in the green room afterwards.

hmf:Laura Kate Shippert

I found a seat in the Super theatre and made it my home for the whole of Friday and Saturday as every talk was inspiring and I just couldn’t leave. When I did finally get a 15 minute break to find the ladies room I was kidnapped by the lovely Lisa McCann and Kirstie Allsopp driving a golf caddy wearing pom pom tiaras. I didn’t like to say that I was pretty desperate so I went for the ride and after a quick chat about festooning their ‘wheels’ with more bunting, I politely tip toed off. Thankfully I got to see them later so I didn’t miss a chance to hug Kirstie and say a massive thank you for all the projects they have sent our way over the last few years.

Be the Flag:hmf2

Annie Warberton from the Craft Council spoke on stage to Kirstie about the education manifesto which was a real eye opener and I urge you to sign up to their newsletter to find out more about their up and coming campaign launching in November. The future of craft (and your dentists steady hand) depends on you!

hmf:gwenivere bunting2

I got to meet some incredible designers and makers at the fair. Some had made it, some were trying to make it and some were just getting the nerve together to start. The general message from all the speakers was that if you choose a career in the arts you have to do it for the love of it and because it feeds your soul. Success comes from that passion and determination to do it every day. I came away feeling like a shiny new ship with wind in my sails.


On a final note, I have to mention the charity Kirstie chose to support at the fair. Homestart who support vulnerable young families in the UK are launching their Snowflake appeal again this winter so please click through and find out more about them as they really are an amazing charity.


The BBB laundry fairies are poised at their stations ready for the inevitable return of 2000m of bunting. Kirstie did ask me how we manage to wash and iron bunting on that scale but I couldn’t share our secrets. Even with Kirstie…(sorry!)

Photo credit: BBB love’s Designosaur!

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